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FIRST LOOK: Claire Marries Jamie on Outlander (PHOTOS)

FIRST LOOK: Claire Marries Jamie on Outlander (PHOTOS)| Outlander. This is 18th century undergarments on Claire, not the actual dress.

Does Claire have too many dresses? Click the photo to the link for Terry Dresbach, costume designer for Outlander on Starz. She'll fill you in!!!

Jamie walks up to Claire, who has just been sick over the side, and teases her. She wants to make sure that they will be okay headed into “an uncertain future” and he reassures her that he will make sure they are, and that he is working on overcoming what happened to him. He promises her a return to Scotland, whereupon she reminds him of The Rising and urges him to see if they can’t stop the rebellion and change history. Jamie promises to give it thought. Claire has one more surprise for him…

The first time was fast, clothed and awkward. Claire: "So was it like you thought it would be?" Jamie: "Almost. I thought... nah, never mind." Claire: "What? Tell me." Jamie: "You'll laugh at me." Claire: "Promise. I won't laugh." | Outlander S1E7 'The Wedding' on Starz || Outlander Review – The Wedding… and the Wedding Night ...