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The cozy relationship between the MSM and the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT needs to stop!!! They have an agenda to change America/the AMERICAN PEOPLE and they are working in tandem against all of us by spewing LIES and CREATING the perceptions that THEY CHOOSE for us!! BOYCOT MSM!!!! They are master manipulators spewing government propaganda! Watch One American News (OANN) if you have it!

from BuzzFeed

29 Horrific Things That Happen Every Single Finals Week

Your parents will call you and wake you up to see how you’re doing and you fake the fact that you’re not dying. | 29 Horrific Things That Happen Every Single Finals Week

The Best (and Worst) Study Habits
from Le Chaim (on the right)

Free Resources for Six Grade

The Best (and Worst) Study Habits


There’s only so much brain power one can have at those hours…

Fortezza Nascosta | Guerre, botte e narrativa

from Whitney Blake

10 truths about finals week

Welcome to finals week. A time where you run on 2 hours of sleep, coffee, and a boat-load of self hatred for all the procrastination you did this semester.

I wish my teachers were this awesome

from BuzzFeed

25 Small Things That Are Actually Huge For People With Anxiety

I have a test with short answer in 2 days. Despite how much I study, my mind will go blank, and my face will look like this on the test.

Don't wait to start researching, either!