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4 Pack of Easy Reach Curved Toilet Brushes

Yes, this would look much better and the brush remains handy for use!

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If You Don’t Own Borax, Go Buy It Right Now. It Will Make These 25 Tasks So Much Easier.

25 useful purposes for Borax

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Product Review: Plastic-Free Toilet Brush

Plastic free toilet brush!

How to paint behind your toilet tank: 1. Remove lid. 2. Take a drawstring kitchen garbage bag and place over tank. 3. Cut in front if needed for tight fit. 4. Draw drawstring to front to tighten bag in the back. 5. Place paper towels on floor to catch any drips. 6. Carefully paint with brush or extended reach painting tools. 7. When finished, put any used/wet paper towels on top of bag on open tank. 8. Grab bag at base of tank. Pull inside out as you remove. 9. All trash is in bag. Throw…

The contrary of looking very expensive and not having to pay a fortune for this might be this example from Melanie Royals and her invention of the Modello Decorative Masking Patterns. "Any surface can be enhanced with design and decoration"... Melanie says and mentions a project by Kathy Wear where her beautiful stencils are used "to create a throne fit for a king"

"Mike" ~ Original junk art created by Laurie Schnurer in 2014. He brings you flowers. Wish I'd had a real flower for the picture. :P

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Gun Toilet Brush

Gun Toilet Brush - probably the only way I can get my husband to clean the toilet!

use the space in your wall to store bathroom supplies - o wow! My son always wants to play with the toilet bowl brush. What a great solution!