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Shyrdak Felt Rugs by Lavivahome

Felt art, known as shyrdak, is an age-old tradition of the nomadic kyrgyz people. part mosaic, part quilt, the interlocking patterns and distinctive borders of shyrdak combine to create a rich tapestry

Keyword: Nomads Nomadic Kyrgyz family on the Golodnaya Steppe in Uzbekistan 1911. Photo taken by Sergei Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky

Photo of the Day

After a hailstorm, nomadic Kyrgyz girls venture outside their mud hut beside the Aksu River in a remote part of Afghanistan. The nomads sometimes stop here for a few weeks between migratory seasons if grass for their herds is too scarce at the summer or winter camps.

horses and horsemanship have long been prized in the nomadic kyrgyz culture and contemporary men are eager to show they can still perform just about any feat, including wrestling matches known as oodarysh, while mounted.