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Bath County Va

Bath County Va

Learn how to present flies to catch more fish when casting in a stream! #FlyFishing

Presentation is Everything When Casting in a Stream

The right way to present a fly in a stream while fly fishing. Improve your casting technique and catch more fish!


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Drive 3' rod 6-8" in ground. Rest running.chain saw on rod to drive.worms out of ground.

collecting fishing worms: Drive a stake inches deep into the ground. Remove or disengage the chain from a chain saw. Rest the bottom of the running chainsaw on top of the stake. The worms will be coaxed from the soil by the vibration.

This trout is massive!! Wow!!

World record rainbow trout. Bow Trout caught out of the Clearwater in Idaho!

Ford, Randal - Good Day's Fishing, III (L.L. Bean- ad), 2013

Curmudgeon and Whippersnapper Janet’s Note: I don’t know if this is a photograph of real people or a photo of art, but I think the image is cute and you’ve gotta love the name, “Curmudgeon and Whippersnapper.