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A beautiful morning at Garut, Indonesia.

A beautiful morning at Garut, Indonesia.

I would love this little beach house

I want to live here! Charlie's Station, a rental cottage on the south-east tip of Bald Head Island, NC. A quaint old cottage with olde-time charm (no air-conditioning). One of a handfull of old cottages for summer rental I understand.

Overnight Oats & Apple Nut Crumble (Paleo Breakfast)

Overnight Oats Apple Nut Crumble: Yet another version of this tasty looking phenomenon. I love this idea because it is so versatile, and there is an emphasis placed on personalizing it to your own tastes, while keeping your own health beliefs in mind :)))

blueberries.  I goto a fruit and vegetable "straight from the farm" store several times per week and buy blueberries.  I take a handfull, wash them and "lock, drop & loaded" down my chompers every morning.  Gives you the extra energy and is soooo deelish!  Goes super good in protein shakes, salads and martinis.  I'm hooked, as you should be!

Blueberries have been getting a lot of attention as one of the healthiest foods out there. They have so many benefits. Theyre low in calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Theyre a great source for potassium and vitamin C, too.

Sun sun sun

American culture has created a generation of adults for whom the sun revolves around them. Generosity, delayed gratification and coping with disappointment are skills that many adults today lack.