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Explore Galapagos Ecuador, Island Galapagos and more!

30 Things No One Tells You About Visiting Ecuador

From the creepy clown trash cans (seriously, Ecuador, WTF?) to llamas and knee injuries in the Andes and making turtle friends in the Galapagos Islands, we had a fantastic time during our month backpacking in Ecuador! Here are 30 things no one told us about before we visited Ecuador….

23 Ways to Explore Galapagos on a Budget

From kayaking and snorkelling to 100% free places to spot wildlife - an easy list & no tours needed!

What to Pack for Ecuador and the Galapagos

Deciding what to pack for a trip to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador can be challenging. The trip includes several different climates and landscapes, making it important to pack strategically. Here are our packing tips for this trip of a lifetime.

The Galapagos Marine Iguana

Sunglasses are definitely required for this one! The marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) ... found only in the Galapagos. #lizard #reptile

10 Places to Visit in Historical Quito Ecuador

Going to Quito, Ecuador? Head straight for the historic center and check out these gorgeous places! Read more: 10 Places to Visit in Historical Quito Ecuador