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Best Teacher--Never follow another persons path. Make your own trail and find out how you can actually celebrate your mistakes. This happens when we see the insights gained by making them. We can list our mistakes with delight when we realize…. See my book, Letting Go Of All Illusions: The End of Shame, Guilt and Remorse, on my website for download now. www.thedivineiswithinus.com See the Store there and check it out. You’ll never be ashamed again.

More and more Lisa is developing a mind of her own. The change has been dramatic in the last few weeks so much so that we've had to change the way we do our photography. I don't get to treat her like an accessory anymore parading her past Jake's camera and making a funny sound to get her to smile. She can't talk yet but she's learning how to get what she wants. Now we have to let her explore for a while and adjust our camera angles to her chaotic path. We wanted a photo on the mountain top…

Don't follow trails make your own path. My amazing and gorgeous son Brandon! I love you so much!!

You choose your way, you pave your path we will always get what we deserve as our thoughts and actions are of peace so should our existence be If our hearts were to carry evil our minds won't be at ease. So I open up my mind and spirit with love and serenity, therefore my life a blitz full of positive energy understand the truth of life And what lies beyond and all evil deeds against you will come undone. So I should make clear Let us not adhere, to weak faith and popularity For…

How to Make Your Own History -- “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson / May 13 '13

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