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Capricorn J on

We are the Eternal Echelon, the Army of *Love & Light* , spreading the spark of Inner Revolution. Separate we are none, but together we are One. This is the future.

TWD - I was hoping for something along those lines in the show, but NOOOO that had to go and kill off Merl...,I think they should do a "soap opera" twins separated at birth thingy and bring Merl back as Harold...their drunken Mother gave up(sold) one of her twins to a relative in Montana or something...,it could work...,???

Scents and Sensibility is re-airing this weekend on Lifetime, Sunday afternoon, August 12, 2012, at 12:30 PM. I know some of you missed the last airing due to my e-mail alert going out too late. I apologize for that inconvenience and I hope many of you, who are interested, will be able to catch it this time around. I've included the movie trailer below + you can read my Movie Review, here.


wicked_echelon on

30stm logos # i have an unbelievable Memory with SECRET GLYPHICS on the back of a red Sweater filled in my Soul with Hope and saved my Heart in a shattering Moment with someone i Love

Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars: 'I don't remember the moment(s) I tried to forget I lost it better not said?'