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Chocolate Flower Pizza Price: US$49.99 Truly unique and beautiful, our chocolate flower pizza starts out with our krispy and milk chocolate recipe and decorated with a yellow center and purple butterfly. This pizza is perfect for Mother's Day, Birthday, Get Well, or just to cheer someone up. How could you not smile with this delightful piece of chocolate art!

Chocolate Covered Cookie Hat Gift Box Price: US$19.99 Capies Candies Chocolate Cream Filled Cookie Hat Gift BoxThis adorable hat box is perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Thank you gifts, or just because. You will receive 5 chocolate covered cookies in a hat gift box!

An exquisite treat of perfectly ripe, juicy pears that are carefully hand-dipped into our imported white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolates, then beautifully embellished with ribbons of silken chocolate confection. Quantity: 6 pieces

Perfect coffee accompaniment? Yep. Perfect anytime accompaniment? You bet. Enjoy the creamy taste of cappuccino whenever with this rich chocolate cheesecake.

The perfect springtime treat! These 12, decadent strawberries are harvested at the peak of ripeness and dipped by hand into baths of rich, imported white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolates. Then, to make them more festive, we artfully decorated each with ribbons of our signature, silken chocolate drizzle. Quantity: 12 pieces

Perfectly ripe, juicy strawberries that we 've hand-dipped into luxurious white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolates, then elegantly embellished with thin ribbons of chocolate drizzle. Quantity:6 or 12 pieces

Exquisite treats of the freshest, juiciest blueberries and raspberries that are completely drenched in shells of pure imported white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolates. Quantity: 24 pieces

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, these oversized fruits are hand-dipped into a bath of our richest imported Belgian and elegantly embellished with ribbons of our signature white chocolate confection, creating a beautiful treat they won 't be able to resist. Quantity: 6 or 12 pieces

On its own, chocolate is pretty great. But we 've taken it to the next level with this sampler comprised of Turtle, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, and Chocolate Raspberry cheesecakes. This delicious dessert gives the chocolate lovers in your life plenty of options they 're sure to fall in love with.