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Mini Sweet Potato Hand Pies

Mini Sweet Potato Hand Pie - A sweet, flaky, light mini pie filled with a mixture of bourbon, maple syrup and pureed sweet potato. #BRFoodieFAM #GoBR #TasteLouisiana

Sweet potato mini empanadas

I remember when I was little my grandma in mexico and my mom would always make empanadas both sweet and savory. This a sweet empanada recipe you can use any sweet filing. I like sweet potato but you can do canned pie filling as well. My kids love this recipe and they love to make them. They remind me of my grandmas empanadas.

Sweet Pumpkin Empanadas

Welcome to your new favorite dessert. These Sweet Pumpkin Empanadas are better than any pumpkin pie you've ever had and are perfect for parties! The filling will blow your mind!

Sweet Potato Pie Bars

WHOA! Sweet Potato Pie Bars with a thick graham cracker crust, fresh sweet potato filling, and tall toasted homemade marshmallow topping. Perfect fall treat!

For a silky-smooth texture in our Sweet Potato Pie recipe, we start with perfectly pureed sweet potatoes, milky sour cream, and rich egg yolks. This is a recipe not to miss out on.

Holiday sweet potato pie with a pecan topping. Dense and sweet filling with sweet potatoes, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, and bourbon. Topped with candied pecan topping. Perfect for #Thanksgiving Delicious! ~