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House in Yatsugatake / Kidosaki Architects Studio

House in Yatsugatake / Kidosaki Architects Studio. the main aim of this project is to meet the client’s expectations to incorporate the stunning views in to the design. To support the large overhanging floor, 2 diagonal bracing steel cylinders, each 300 mm in diameter is introduced. The breeze of the mountain plateau flows through the interior, making coexistence with nature.

We are Stockholm and Berlin's most talked about real estate agency. But this place is not about us. We sample our friends and their lives in one week. And we have a lot of friends. STOCKHOLM BERLIN

Nestled in the Mongolian desert, the concept of the future Yellow River Hotel in Jungar Banner looks like a gigantic piece of rock embedded in the sand of the desert.

Galería de Pueblo para Niños SOS en Djibouti / Urko Sanchez Architects - 32