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Morning Meeting Questions

Morning Meeting Questions are Fun & Quick Ways to Get Students Talking and Building Relationships!

Interactive Lesson FREE!: Friendship Activity Lesson for 3rd-5th grade. Get this interactive activity where students learn the importance of friendship and do a FUN!! wheel art project created with "traits of a good friend."

FREE Parent Contact Log ( Melonheadz Version )

FREE * READY FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR * All teachers know how important it is to be in contact with parents on the regular. With this free contact log binder setup, you'll no longer need to worry about who called when, for what, and what you need to do now. Keep this binder near your desk so you never forget to log a call or email again.

The students read the passage independently, then travel around the classroom answering the questions on butcher paper. There can be 3-4 stations with each station asking a question about a story element (i.e. one on characters, one on setting etc). Each stations has enough squares for each student in the class to write their answer. The question can be posted on the butcher paper, or on the wall. Students must support their answer with evidence from the story.

*FREEBIE!* Need a first day activity? Looking for a great way to help your students get to know each other? Here is a fun activity that is designed to get students mingling and finding out about one another. Using the sheet students will be able to ask interesting questions and learn classmates' names as they seek out to find the perfect people to get them a bingo. After the first (or first few) bingo, we love to share our answers and see what we can find in common.

Reading Response/Exit Tickets for Google Classroom

Going Paperless? Are you wanting to try out Google Classroom or add interactive lessons to your 1:1 digital classroom? Try this pack of 30 Reader Response/Exit Tickets for Grades 3-5. Reader Response is an easy, versatile answer to infusing technology into your classroom. Paperless, digital and engaging!