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Leaders of Jordan, Russia, Israel, and the USA... Obama is an embarrassment.

Oh yeah, you liberal dumbo, you're keeping them so safe! What an idiot! And I guess idiots keep voting for their favorite idiot?

E ora che ha riportato la speranza nel mondo cosa gli date? Usa, Trump scatenato su Twitter: Onu? "Club di chiacchiere". Obama? "Non mi avrebbe battuto. Dalle considerazioni sul presidente uscente - "il mondo era cupo, ho riportato la speranza" - a quelle su #donaldtrump

Obama doesn't speak for many Americans.... Only the ones that are deceived by the snares of the devil

Yes it would then he could try to home regular homeless people in the US but he doesn't care about anyone but himself

DEBRA GIFFORD He won the nomination because he is the only one in either party that is not bought and paid for. #VoteTrump(@lovemyyorkie14) | Twitter.......

(16) Jordan MAGA3X™ (@Miami4Trump) | Twitter

Funniest Memes of Biden and Obama Pranking Trump

Funniest Memes of Biden and Obama Pranking Trump: One Horcrux Down

Twitter allows Trump to get his message out without the Lyin'Liberal Media's SPIN ...