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(18) News about #trumppence16 on Twitter

Lester Holt..We knew going in what the outcome would be. Fair? Not I this world. The Progressives have had the schools for a long time. The journalist is your average democrat. So, we the Republicans have to try harder. M.W. 10/1/16

Yes it would then he could try to home regular homeless people in the US but he doesn't care about anyone but himself

May he roast in hell for making that statement - along with his wife who put those Americans through that....and then didn't own up to her actions.

This is a TRUE story...and then Hillary laughed it off in two interviews she participated in after she got the rapist your research.

Look, Dad - a skittle The hateful Trumps. #VoteBlueAlways #ClintonKaineForAmerica