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BOHO Gypsy Hippie Garland Banner Curtain Backdrop Room Divider Teen Bedroom Upcycled Rag Re-Purpose

Genealogical Family Chart Style ~ If your family has lots of genealogical info and the normal family trees don't work (where do all of my Aunts and Uncles, Great Aunts and Great Uncles go?), use a chart style tree for each family. This way you can show your family's info and photos at a glance. In between the charts, add pages on those individual's family memories separately (like immigration to the US, milestone birthdays etc,).

C Corporation is a group of individuals granted a charter, legally recognizing them as a separate entity with rights and liabilities distinct from those of its members. C corporation is liable for any debts incurred rather than the individuals. The taxes are split between corporate and shareholders at different rates.

What impresses you? For some it may be money. For others it may be fame & fortune. Others may seek respect & honour. Whilst many more will respect your status in education Your position at work In society In your community Others will be impressed by how many people you know & how many follow you. Having seen so many people strive for these and lose it all; Having faced my own mortality None of these impress me. Does that mean I look down upon others who desire them? Heavens no! I…

SWEATER Bundle! Black n' Blue wardrobe builder

SWEATER Bundle! Black n' Blue wardrobe builder! Venezia - a Lane Bryant brand 2 size 14/16 sweater bundle. Same style, v-neck with some pilling on the front - see details in this listing and the individual listings for additional information and disclosures. JEWELRY NOT included in Bundle - however they are both items available in separate listings. BUNDLE for additional discounts! Venezia Sweaters V-Necks

Pinspiration: 25 Beautiful Porch & Patio Design Looks

Individual porch swings. I can see my friends Karen& Daniel and Gloria & Raul in these sitting on there porches :-)