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The Cowboy's Love #Wattys2016 - The Cowboy's Love

The Cowboys Love - Sequel to "The Boss Lady's man"

Explore how to write from a guy’s POV as told by a guy! Learn some really awesome insights into a guy’s mind that you will find helpful (and maybe even surprising) in your writing.

"On Tuesday, January 10, I'll go home to Chicago to say my grateful farewell to you, even if you can't be there in person. I'm just beginning to write my remarks. But I'm thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you've changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here...I hope you'll join me one last time. Because for me, it's always been about you." —President Obama…

Downton Abbey, Season 6....Branson has written to Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and it sounds like he’s quite lonely in Boston. “I dreamt last night I was in the park at Downton walking with Sybbie under the great trees … and when I woke, my eyes were filled with tears,” writes Branson. Luckily, viewers know he’ll be back for at least a little bit.” ..

Leonard Cohen's life and career – in pictures

Leonard Cohen 1970. Great man, great singer/songwriter, great poem.. R.I.P.

Oh Rick ----- Good. I have a boy in my 6th period class that goes by Leo. I never call him that, but when I write "All da ladies luv Leo" on my wrist and he sees it.......