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I think they're planning something... Normally they'd be loud and tease each other chin constantly. But today they just sat at their places and waited for all of us to finish eating before finally dissapearing into their rooms.


This deli will make America great again

This deli will make America great again. That sandwich sounds fucking awful, just like its namesake haha

You Know When You've Made A Good Pun

Activists protesting against oil spills, oil drilling and climate change can make a bold statement by using their bodies as a canvas, covered in fake oil, to remind people just how dirty crude oil really is. These were protests against Cairn Energy drilling in the Gulf of Valencia, BP funding of Tate Museum, and Canadian tar sands oil in Europe.

It would be crude to post this on my high school reunion event page, no?

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How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

Para los de mi amada carrera recuerden siempre esto para escribir ficcion