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Never knew how many different types/colors of Opal there were!

Black Opal Rough buy direct from opalmines at lightning ridge byour extensive contacts over 40 years of reliable service. go to our opal shop for details

°Peruvian Pink Opal Natural Stone with Druzy by FenderMinerals

Peruvian Pink Opal Natural Stone with Druzy Chalcedony Hyalite Opal Mineral Specimen or Lapidary Rough

fauxpals (Faux Opals) by meeellla, via Flickr  Instructions to make can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/meeellla/6141416863/#

marshmallowsandbubbles: “ what kind of wizardry is this? ” I thought it was real opal to begin with but the source says it is a polymer clay faux made to look like opal. I want some!

Ethiopian Opal Geode

Ethiopian Opal Geode

"Ethiopian opal geode sometimes you feel like a rock: hard, angry, damaged. But sometimes there is an opal inside you: this otherworldly beauty, the potential to be soft and loving and kind" really beautiful opal, my birthstone

Raw Opal Ring, Raw Stone Ring, Gift For Her, Stackable Gemstone Ring, Solitaire Ring, Australian Opal Ring, Unique Design By Inbal Mishan.

Raw Opal Ring Raw Stone Ring Valentines Gift Stackable Gemstone Ring Solitaire Ring Australian Opal Ring Unique Design By Inbal Mishan USD) by inbalmishan

opal #gem #mineral

My favorite the beautiful Opal, Australia has the most gorgeous Opal to be found.

A nice big split of Boulder Opal........Bill Kasso

A nice big split of Boulder Opal.Bill Kasso I would straight up die if i found this