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If it were called something else people wouldn’t be as scared of it. But then enough time would go by and that word would get stigmatized too and then it would become as cute and trendy to be "anti-whatever" as some confused folks seem to think being "anti-feminist" is now.

THIS, THIS, THIS!!!!!!!!! It takes a lot of compassion to consider someone else's experiences which are different than your own and to consider them as valid. HAVE compassion. PLEASE.

More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women. Or men, men get abused too.

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10 Most Shocking Sexual Assault Awareness Campaigns

Rapists are the cause of rape. What a woman wears, says, drinks or does is not a factor. The common factor in all cases of rape is the presence of a rapist.

Inspiration: Malala Yousafzai. Malala accepted a Nobel Peace Prize this week and inspires us with her determination. (art by Tyler Feder)

Omg yes. I hate it when people assume feminists are against this stuff because it's not "beneficial" to women. Like I said gender equality for all, did I f*cking stutter?

bahaha I seriously love this quote

#feminism #yesallwomen by feminist101---I don't even like Taylor Swift but a point has been made here

Planned parenthood has a lot of services for woman

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