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My friends and I traveled from west hollywood to saline valley. The wash we camped in was roughly 100 miles from electricity, paved roads, cell phone reception etc. and the majority of us had never even been camping. Crazy trip and fun experience. I'd like to thank: -Canon 60D -Magic Bullet -Rammstein -The Black Keys -Wes Siler -Slider (Konova) -Saline Valley

how to hide those ugly hashtags in your feed with a magical tip... 1. Use a text editor like Notes on your phone to format your hashtags into a single paragraph 2. Add 5 bullet points I create a space above my first bullet point too so they are extra hidden 3. Remember to hit the RETURN key after each bullet to create a separate line for each, don't use the space bar 4. Ensure your.....

Why social media isn't the magic bullet for self-epublished authors | Books | The Guardian

James Phelps - We were in Japan when it was released and the Japanese hadn’t come out yet, but the English version was out there so I got it and, cause I was on holiday I turned my phone off, and I blitzed through it in two days, I couldn’t put it down. I remember I was in the bullet train, and the part of what happens to Fred, and literally at that second the ticket guy came around asking for my ticket and I’m like, “I just died mate leave me alone!”

We were in Japan actually, when it was released. So I got it, and cuz I was on Holiday, I turned my phone off so nobody could tell me. I blitzed through it in like two days. I couldn’t put it down. I remember I was on the bullet train, and the part what happens to Fred, and I was like, (makes a distressed sound). And literally at that second, the ticket guy came around, asking for my ticket, and I was like, “I just died, mate, leave me alone!

7 'big things' in smartphones that never lived up to the hype Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com Every year big smartphone companies pump millions into research and development of their products hoping to find that elusive next big thing thatll have everyone knocking on their door come upgrade time. That innovation has undoubtedly led to some of the best products of modern years but in the ever-more-desperate race to stand out from the crowd its also led to…

Fada Cataling Bullet Radio. If someone sends me one of these, I will have a very Happy Fada's Day for real.

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