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Bearded lady

Annie Jones – Century bearded woman who toured with PT Barnum. Photo circa Via popquizkid & vintagegal: Annie Jones – was an American bearded woman, born in Virginia. She toured with showman P. Barnum as a circus attraction.

Ziegfeld Follies Girl, 1920.

Alfred Cheney Johnston (April 1885 - Jean Ackerman, Ziegfeld Follies girl… By 1915 Johnston had become one of the two chief photographers working for the most famous theatrical photography.

Real lady!

Anna Buckley, Ziegfeld Follies girl, photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston

The Bearded Lady  ~K~ I not a big believer in the whole "breaded lady" genre. I am a little suspicious. If you look at 'her' from the nose up 'she' has very masculine features. How easy would it have been for a man to be billed as a "Bearded Lady"

The Bearded Lady. Another original character used in the American Horror Story " Freak Show" series.

IMAGEN PARA MARCO  Between 1870 and 1890, bearded girls, dog-faced boys, giants, midgets, fat ladies, lobster-clawed men, and other human oddities sat for photographer Charles Eisenmann.

A Bowery photographer’s freak show portraits

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