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Rare Professor's Cane - Collecting Antique Walking Sticks and Canes ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

Violin Walking Stick Disassemble the shaft of this incredibly rare and unassuming walking stick to reveal a working violin. The bow is stored inside the stick, and is accessible when the curved handle is removed. Beautifully crafted and in flawless condition, this cane is an exceptional example of rare musical canes.

Picnic Cane: This exceptionally rare picnic cane is the perfect accompaniment to dining al fresco. The dark horn T-handle doubles as the handle of a corkscrew, while two upper chambers unscrew to reveal a knife and fork. Similar walking sticks are featured in Cane Curiosa: From Gun to Gadget by Catherine Dike. Excellent condition.

French Military Nurses Cane - This intriguing French military nurse's cane contains the rudimentary tools of a 19th-century homeopathic practitioner. The smooth horn knob handle is topped by a brass plaque bearing a seal inscribed "Infirmices Militaires." The cane contains several glass vials, some of which containing their original contents, a glass dropper, a hypodermic syringe needle, gauze and a vaccinostyle lancet.

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Fisherman Tea Bag Holder Set

Fisherman Tea Bag Holder Set - Urban Outfitters

A lovely citrine cane with silver mount - by Tradewinds Antiques:

A fine horn handle accentuates this intriguing percussion cap gun cane. In earlier times, many men wanted the advantage over a possible aggressor by possessing a secret weapon. Therefore, this gun cane was designed to be fairly inconspicuous. These types of canes continue to fascinate collectors today because of their novel ingenuity. 19th Century

steampunktendencies: “ Library of the Abbey in Waldsassen, Bavaria…

Dentist's Cane - An impressive collection of antique dentistry tools is contained within the shaft of this impressive walking stick. Topped with a handle of carved bone or antler, this cane is divided into five sections, each holding an array of implements, including a pair of spectacles, a dental mirror, a lancet, various interchangeable cleaning tools with turned ivory handles, vials of tooth filling and packing materials, including an ampule of unmixed silver, tin and mercury amalgam...