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Beau Brooks-The Janoskians

Beau Brooks Eyes... Whoever this is has the eyes of someone I once knew..❤️

Janoskians on

Beau Brooks is honestly so hot

Beau Peter Brooks on

.i love beau:-), but in all of the challenges he throws up which is kind of annoying

Beau Brooks everyone: looks good even while holding his dick and sticking up his middle finger <3

I feel like the Janos aren't the kind of boys that when you leave, start talking about how "ugly" or "fat" you looked because they have been through it all and know how much it hurts.

Beau Brooks, Okay I kinda was debating whether I should've made a Janoskian board because.... The language and stuff... Just D:

Janoskians on

Beau, do Janoskians.

beau, jai and luke