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The telephone allowed for people to communicate more than ever before. Of course with the technology we have today we see this wall phone as inconvenient, but it changed many lives in the

Retrô Do francês rétro, palavra usada para descrever roupas de épocas anteriores, no mínimo de vinte anos passados. Muitos estilistas apresentam trajes retrô em suas coleções. Essas roupas, embora tenham uma proposta reformista, são revividas para funcionar com o visual do momento. Nos anos 90,calças boca-de-sino e crochês, duas ideias características dos anos 60,reapareceram nas coleções, mas de forma mais sofisticada e na corrente em voga.

by Niamh Wilson. Wouldn't it be great if some nursing homes had dining rooms that looked like diners?

Actual iPhone charger that lets you answer an actual phone when it rings. Great for offices or desks! Omg this is so awesome!!

Item not found - item KK 02 Handset Dock Stand with Hands Free for iPhone 4 iPhone 5 Pink 8110000 3979854

The very familiar 3-slot style pay phone was first introduced in the 1950's and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This appropriately christened prepay-style pay station will take you back to th

CR56-PI Crosley 1950's Classic Pay Phone - Pink Telephone

Crosley Classic Pay Phone - Pink Telephone Crosley replica, you will enjoy the functional coin slots complete with jingle as your money is deposited into the coin bank in the base of the unit.

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Boogie Fever Canvas Print

Boogie Fever Art Print by Butterfly Photography-- Really fun to decorate a room in some soft colors with pastel vintage touches.