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20 Things To Do With A Teenage Daughter

20 Things to do with your teenage daughter #mommydaughterdates #teenagegirls

Prayers for Your Teen/Young Adult Kids - Free Printables

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Dear Teenage Daughter, I'm Not Trying to Ruin Your Life. I'm Trying to Save It

This mama's sweet letter to her baby girl who is now a teen is just awesome. You've got to pass it on to your daughters!

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13 Frugal Ways to Communicate Love to Your Teen Daughter

So often teen girls get a bad reputation for being moody, whiny, and emotionally challenged, but these things don’t have to be the norm. By fostering a close, loving, and accepting relationship with your teen daughter, you can proactively head many of these issues off at the pass. Here are 13 EASY ways to tell her you love her TODAY!

Girls to Grow: 7 Ways to Show Love to Your Teenage Daughter

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10 Ways to Pray For Your Teen

Maybe pick one a'll do each topic 3 times a month. You can never pray too much!

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