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(*(***10 ANCHOR Embroidery Pearl Cotton. No.8 *******)

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How to Crochet: Getting Started for Beginners

Before you can learn how to make crochet stitches, you need gather your supplies, and learn the basics of how to read a pattern, and what exactly gauge means. This article will get you started.

How to finish crochet without a noticeable knot!

The easiest way to transfer an embroidery pattern is so simple - you just print, peel, stick, stitch, and wash away! Check out the details, in this post.

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Fleur Lyon's Embroidered Tapestries Look Like a Cozy Sweater Feels

Australian maker Fleur Lyon calls her textile pieces “knitted fields of wild florals.” Using traditional techniques, she creates wool-on-wool artwork with a hand-knitted base and embroidered flowers among a timber frame.

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Knitting onto Leather: Two Techniques

Knitting Onto Leather - Closeups on Knitting Needles and Leather

How To Crochet: 30+ Free Crochet Stitches and Tutorials

Base stitch for crocheted edgings - also see stacks of pillowcases etc. on this site.

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Quilt Binding Techniques and Tips

Discover quilt binding techniques and tips every quilter should know!


How to change colors seamlessly in Crochet...Without that little bridge!

Do you know how to change colors in crochet? If you do, how about seamlessly? This is a really cool trick to add in a new color and make it look perfect!If you’re familiar with joining in a new color…you know that little bridge you get when normally adding in new color before starting your next stitch?! Well, this gets rid of that and blends in effortlessly with the rest of your stitches!If you’ve never joined in a new color, then you’ll love this technique to start o...