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Woollip is an innovative frontal pillow that will allow you to find your ideal sleeping position. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Infinity Pillow

As featured in the Washington Post's 2015 Travel Guide, the Infinity Pillow is for nappers, dreamers and travelers alike. It's the only travel pillow that you can also use at home, work and everywhere in between. Fashioned after the Möbius strip, it can be twisted and used in endless resting options. Use as a desk pillow, neck cushion, back support, noise-canceling pillow and so much more.

We've re-invented the mobile office. Solar powered USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, integrated lock, and an organized storage system.

17 Incredible Family Travel, Hotel & Road Trip Hacks

17 Incredible Family Travel, Hotel & Road Trip Hacks: Good for long car rides with kids!

Protect your valuables at the beach, pool, park, gym, or home. Attach this travel safe to a chair, table, pole . . . anything that’s tough—or impossible—to run off with. Great for dorm rooms and summer camp!

This Crazy Game-Changing Suitcase Is Made for Overpackers