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Looking lengthwise across the front yard, the dominant feature is a Berkeley sedge lawn. A giant hesperaloe anchors one end near a cluster of live oaks. A broad, curving path of decomposed granite leads through the front garden.

Solidago_caesia GOLDENROD, BLUE STEMMED * (Solidago caesia) • golden yellow • 16” - 24"h x 16“w • September - October • Shade-loving favorite nectar plant of butterflies and insects; excellent companion for shade-tolerant fall asters; provides a touch bright of autumn color in the shady garden. S/PS/Sh, NJ, B

Dietes bicolor - Bicolor Iris (I think this is what is at the house. I plan to keep it but may move it to a different location.)

This is Bamboo Muhly, a very cool plant that can take full sun, is very drought tolerant once established, and looks like a miniature bamboo. It doesn't spread like some bamboo's, and only get's about 6 to 8 feet tall. This would be a very good option for your back yard, and they even sell it at the "fancy" nursery near your house.

Ideas for front shade bed: heartleaf skullcap in the foreground. Texas betony is the red along the path.

Side yard path - large leafed plants for shade. Objects along path create interest and the feeling of a destination; moving the user along.