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from No Time For Flash Cards

Paper Bag Jellyfish Craft (and color mixing too

Have fun with this colorful Jellyfish proyect with your kids!!! For instructions follow @Allison @ No Time For Flash Cards

Beautiful...cuttlefish? Squid? sea creature--I think it's a tiny octopus--there are tiny little suckers on those little legs and the eye is the wrong shape--the cuttlefish eye is W shaped

Manatee, Awesome Picture. I instantly think... Barbra Manatee, you are the one for mee... (Veggietales, love it)

When threatened the Atolla Jellyfish respond by creating a moving circular wave of light around their outer edge which is referred to as a “burglar alarm” response. Scientists theorise that jellyfish use this response to attract large animals in to eat jellyfish predators. So basically, when the jellyfish is under attack, it starts lighting up so that other, bigger, scarier animals will be attracted to the scene and (hopefully) eat the thing attacking the Atolla Jelly.

Manatee ❤️ // i love these gentle creatures!!! interesting fact about manatees...they belong to the order Sirenia. My guess is because they were mistaken for women by sailors (who had been at sea for way too long), much as the sirens who called to Odysseus centuries ago ....

An amazing animal and yet the sting ray took one life Steve Irwin, He was such a help to all animals and a wonderful person

from Tap Reef Wiki

Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus. Rarest octopus, living at extreme depths. Largest one ever recorded was 6 feet long.


15 Breathtakingly Tiny Miracles In Our Everyday World!

EVERY LITTLE THING IS GONNA BE ALL RIGHT Smiled with the risin’ sun None but ourselves can free our minds. Man is a universe within himself. Every little thing gonna be all right. Live the life you love, Love the life you live. - Bob Marley

New Life :) Turtle Babies... I dream to one day see a group of baby sea turtles be born and take their first journey into the ocean!