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Better Together? My arse! Indyref 2 now.


Indyref 2 has begun, It is only that the official starting gun hasn’t been fired yet…..but begun It most certainly has. Already in the BBC and now ITV news reports, they are being slanted to dissuade people from voting for Independence, and to suggest that Scotland should be good boys and girls and forget about being part of the EU , as according to them, the EU wont allow Scotland to remain, so we should start thinking about holding onto Westminsters hand and think about being part of…

DIY Independence: Pondering the route to Indyref 2 as SNP plays softly, softly on timing -

We’re not going back to sleep

The Scottish public will wake up to the SNP eventually, is the soothing mantra that the Unionist commentariat tell themselves so they can get to sleep at night. Soon, soon, it’s just around t…