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Today in the Viva section of the New Zealand Herald online, I have shared a recipe for Rosewater Rhubarb, Spiced Dulce de Leche and White Chocolate Eclairs with Hazelnut Praline. They consist of a choux pastry shell, rosewater baked rhubarb, spiced dulce de leche, a smooth white chocolate and vanilla bean creme patisserie and topped with crushed gingernuts and hazelnut praline. Recipe Here. Enjoy! :)

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Rhubarb, orange and pistachio pie

Rhubarb, orange and pistachio pie | My partner, Simon, fancies himself a bit of a rhubarb connoisseur. His family home in New Zealand has the most incredible kitchen garden which is constantly overflowing with whatever is in season. In the spring, there is rhubarb. There’s always pressure when it comes to him trying one of my rhubarb desserts but he ate his whole piece of this pie in silence and then went back for more. So it must be good, then.