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오버사이즈 니트 드레스는 문희(Moonhee), 허리에 둘러 연출한 진회색 니트 스웨터는 올세인츠(AllSaints).


brixton: BRIXTON FRIDAY FEATURE | JADE Wearing the Fiddler hat and the Grade tee. Photos by Jack Belli

Bohemian Chic // Edgy street style // flowy modern hippie fashion // cozy grey knit + vintage vibes // boho scarf + burgundy velvet jacket + denim skinnies

decadediary: “Dress Up SS Blog Post: She puts on her make-up « Textile Design by Decade Diary ”

I believe in GOD. -This blog is mainly about fashion and anything related to that. - You won't see any PORN posts, SMOKING posts, DRUGS posts, or even ABUSIVE posts in my blog because I am against all of them. - I see things in life in a positive,...