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Team Felicity Smoak on

Q: What are my chances on getting a date with Felicity? Stephen Amell - Wizard World Chicago

The way he said that's cute IS cute! Basically everything Stephen Amell says is cute

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #5.1 #Olicity <3

Emily Bett Rickards & Stephen Amell (Olicity)

I love you. Look at him. He actually means it!! He wasn't just lying to fool Slade, he meant it too!

Just how married can Olicity be? Adorable Olicity in 4x01 "Green Arrow"

Oliver & Felicity #Olicity #Arrow #TheCalm

Arrow - 1x14 The Odyssey - Emily Bett Rickards on fitting Stephen Amell into the back of a Mini. - omg, this is hilarious!

"Some could say the same about you. I've been waiting 5 years to make that joke" - Pure Felicity and Oliver #Arrow