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Illegally excavated Egyptian mummies where found in a sewage pit. -

WQ-JY type automatic submersible sewage pump is the crown based on absorbing foreign advanced technology, the use of new environmentally friendly products, excellent hydraulic model developed in the carriage of solid particles and long fiber waste and reduce the deposition of sewage pit etc., has a unique function.

URGENT FOR ALL NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES WHAT: The Rattlesnake spiritual effigy mound in Afton was used by many tribes for over 1,000 years is about to become a sewage pit. Description from I searched for this on

Here is a link to all the new women's testimonies. See the ghastly headlines: "Slap," "Collective Punishment," "Flak Jackets with 'Death to Arabs Written on Them'" "Throwing them into the sewage pit," "Because I'm bored," "Settler violence." on our database: