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Verve The pattern will easily fit into a circle shape that pops up in your string. I start with a 6 and a 9 that wrap around the circle. You can "wave" the stems quite a bit to add interest. I have just been shading where the lines "tuck" into each other but I imagine that shading where the lines bend will add some more dimension to the look as well. Also, the center circle can be filled in with anything you'd like or just left empty. Posted by JJ LaBarbera

What Disney Film Best Describes Your Relationship Status?

A tribute to all your favorite Disney movies and all the ones that you grew up with. Feel free to submit anything Disney related including park visits, memorabilia, videos & artwork. None of the images seen below are mine unless stated.

Gorgeous lighting! Disney's Tangled Inspired Wedding Reception- 25 Whimsical Wedding Ideas For Disney-Obsessed Couples

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