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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) by

from GoBoiano

Wear Your Pride With These 22 Anime Shoes

You'll run to the nearest custom store after seeing these shoes!

from GoBoiano

40 Times We Couldn't Explain Anime or It's Culture To Our Parents

Me: Jean we are got to Disney world together! *stares at Marco* and your comin too! Marco: ... Me: *drags Marco along while slipping with Jean*

from GoBoiano

17 Affordable Gifts For Only the Best Anime Ladies

Attack on Titan Shoulder Bag

To that last comment... Same till i remember so it goes from laughing to sobbing. hahaha ha ha... *sobs*

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attack on titan opening meme - Google Search

~ I'm starting to call one of my short teachers Levi because he's the shortest male teacher and almost all the students are taller than him. The awesome thing is he's seen Attack on Titan so he's just like: -__- I can't kill her. I like my job. I like my job.