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Sleipnir ODINS Horse Pendant Necklace - Viking Warrior Horse Rune Pendant Norse Amulet

Viking Pendant Horse Rune Necklace - Warrior ODIN'S Sleipnir Runic Pendant Norse Amulet

Know your Vegvisirs. I was drawing these, wondered why the different versions around the place. Nobody can figure out what Björks tattoo actually is, a Galdrabók one roughly done most likely #bjork #vegvisir #tattoo

Examples of almost the same motif and composition in different knotwork styles. I made one 2 years ago and I thought it was time to draw an updated version.

From the Hobbit and LOTR! Dwarf Runes i think. Make the V's point smaller than the W's make the W's like the picture.

Viking protection runes talisman black vinyl decal