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Mid Century Cat by Antonio Vitali - Antonio Vitali was an Italian / Swiss toy designer and producer. He was known for his hand-carved often abstract toys, dolls and riding figures created in his Zurich atelier.

Welcome to “Fifty-One, Forty-Nine and a Half Art” toys! Designer art toys, dioramas and the occasional what not designed by the artist ACP. Formerly a 911 dispatcher, she up and quit one day to pursue her dream of creating toys and hasn’t looked back since. Now the California native spends her days dreaming of the whimsically weird and irrationally insane under the supervision of ‘management’. Inspired by abstract expressionism, The Indian in the Cupboard, and toys of the 80s she uses…

3rd Place - Overall - Abstracts 2015 Art Exhibition - Stephanie Estrin - "Lost and Found" - Stephanie Estrin is a self-taught artist with a love for bright, bold colors. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She has been creative all her life and has been a quilter, an award winning plush toy designer, and a painter. She prefers to paint intuitively with no preconceived ideas ... www.stephanieestrin.com

The Tyng Toy was created by the brilliant young architect Anne Tyng in the late 1940's. It's probably the least well known of toy from the Golden Age of postwar modernist kid's design, an era which also saw toys and playthings by the likes of Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Antonio Vitali, and Egon Moeller-Nielsen. It's when Caplan and Barenholz's Creative Playthings really took off, making the case for modernist, abstract toys that encouraged kids' imaginations.

The Svan Creativity Cruiser is a uniquely shaped ride-on-toy designed to help toddlers gain motor skills and develop a sense of balance and coordination by pushing themselves along with their feet. The sculpted curves of the bent birch wood cruiser provide a safe and sturdy seat for children while its abstract design nurtures active imaginations and encourages creative thinking. It is designed for children 18 months to 5 years old and features the classic Scandinavian bentwood style. $80.00

A classic game for the James Galt Toy Company designed by Ken Garland in 1969. It's a matching game not too dissimilar to dominoes - by matching the cards together an intricate twisting network of lines is formed. This original graphic/abstract version by Garland was the best - it was re-released in the 80s with more pictorial illustrations under the name Rivers Roads & Rails. They should have put a sticker on the box that said 'Now with less imagination required!'

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