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They'll probably run off because of my incessant fangirling and screaming.

27 Amazing Things We Might Get In A "Gilmore Girls" Movie

The best moment of the entire seven season run of The Gilmore Girls in a handy looping gif, because it wore out the rewind button on my dvd player.

If I had a choice between me meeting Zayn and these little kids meeting Zayn I would let these little kids meet Zayn!! This is so adorable!!

If I was him I'd be like *slap shut up little girl don't ever talk about your life that way. But of course Lay is sweet and not me so

[gif] Jensen's got pretty much the cutest smile ever. IT's very high on my list of cute smiles at least.

That smirk <3 he's just so perfect <3 Heart problems all over again XD :D Love him to pieces Forever & Always <3