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Dirigente comunitario le advierte al parlamento británico del aumento del antisemitismo

El Congreso Británico escuchó el testimonio de Jonathan Arkush, dirigente comunitario británico y presidente del Consejo de Diputados de los Judíos Británicos, quien realizó una detallada descripci…

Władysław "Władek" Szpilman (5-12-1911 / 6-7-2000) fue un pianista y compositor judío-polaco. Szpilman es ampliamente conocido por la película "El Pianista" de Roman Polanski, basada en su libro de memorias del mismo título en el que relataba como sobrevivió al Holocausto. En noviembre de 1998 Wladyslaw Szpilman fue honrado por el presidente de Polonia, con la Cruz de Comendador con la estrella de la Orden de Polonia Restituta.

GOD WANT US (YOU ) TO KNOW WHO HE IS . . when you want someone to get to know you, do you not mention your name ? OF COURSE YOU DO! similarly , God want us to know who He is thats why He REVEALS his name to us in the BIBLE . . but many religions says that God's name is "God or Lord ", but those are not personal names . They are only titles just like " king " and "president " . . But the Bible teaches us that God has MANY titles . . , and that includes "GOD or Lord " .

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Good question ~ PINNER NOTE: The name of the game is Terrorism. The US/UN/UK/Israel target others, spawn & bring them home, especially targeting America.

Icelandic people refused to comply with their government demands and they took action about the matter. After this happened, the economy of Iceland started t...


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Israel is the only country in the Middle East not killing people in the name of their god.

Robert F. Kennedy's grave in Arlington National Cemetery. I have much more on this about Bobby in my board "Remembering the Kennedy's"

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Lindbergh Students Salute Veterans

Long Elementary School kindergarten students proudly stand in front of an American flag they made out of paper chains, to show their pride of country. -Credit Lindbergh School District - St. Louis, Missouri

Biblical archaeology - From the Caiaphas family tomb in Jerusalem, this ossuary bears the inscription "Yehosef bar Qafa: (Joseph, son of Caiaphas), and it is dated to the Second Temple period. Caiaphas is the name of the High Priest who presided over the trial of Jesus.