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The Waterboxx is excellent at growing many garden crops without any watering after set up. Zucchini usually need watered every 2-3 days. #droughttolerant

A Simple Way To Water Your Garden During A Drought | Blue Yonder Urban Farms |

Bearberry Cotoneaster Cotoneaster dammeri Type: Evergreen Groundcover Exposure: Sun / Part Shade Water: Regular to Drought Tolerant The cotoneaster family includes relatives that are evergreen semi-evergreen or deciduous and shrubs that grow as tall as 10ft (3m) or as short as 6in (15cm). This one is of the latter variety featuring sprawling branches that spread to 10ft (3m) horizontally but will reach only 8in (20cm) high. Bright glossy green leaves stay that way the year round (sometimes…

Hiking & Gardening in One! This beauty is the Rocky Mountain Raspberry. Isn't it lovely? This photo is from the wild, but I was fortunate to plant one in my yard. The flowers are about 2-3" across. It's a mid-size bush with no spines at all, compact, and seems to like shade during hot afternoon sun. I often see it growing in dappled sun. It is drought tolerant. #Diana #Sproul #Transform #Health #raspberry #bush #Rocky #Mountain #gardening