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Alice Pasquini is an artist multimedia based in Roma : painting, illustration, installations and animation are her main tools to create her poetical and hopeful artworks. Her main subject is feminity, with a stress put on strong and independant woman.

THE AMAZING FIRST VERSE OF THE BIBLE - You MUST see this film! Visit our ministry website at and learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father God and the Bible!! God Bless!!

Love the way the Wave Words and the Pop-Up Verse are used together to communicate the session three Bible concepts for Surf Shack VBS! This church used a surfboard shape for the Wave Words and wording from the Decorating and Publicity CD ROM to create signage for this hallway!

VirtualDrive pro creates an image of your CD/DVD-ROM on your hard drive that can be read by the Virtual Drive Manager........ To Know More Visit This :

They are . . . alienated from the life that belongs to God. (Ephesians 4:18) To become reconciled to God, people must first be convinced that Jehovah exists and that there are good reasons for drawing close to him. We can help them to gain that knowledge by encouraging them to examine creation. When people study creation with an open mind, they learn of God’s wisdom and power. (Rom. 1:19, 20) Even so, those who learn only from creation will not find answers to some of life’s most perplexing…