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Hailee Steinfeld from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Pics

Hailee Steinfeld from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Pics Striped perfection! The actress rocks a form fitting burgundy dress in Manhattan.

I enjoy pushing my body - weight lifting, trekking, boxing. It helps clear my mind - and I can eat more dessert if I'm burning more calories while I sleep! :)

"Exercise is celebration of what your body can do - NOT a punishment for what you ate" !! Remember that feeling you had completing your 1st 5K ?? Remember that feeling when you lost those first 5 pounds?? Remember that feeling when you saw those muscles starting to show?? Pretty amazing right ?? "YES I DID THAT" !!! So how long has it been since you said that ?? If it's been awhile and you're ready to get that feeling back then lets set up a time to chat >>

Otherwise known as “Bound Angle Pose” this yoga posture is also well-known as the “Cobbler Pose” because it is the sitting position of Indian cobblers. Butterfly Pose is Sanskrit is composed of baddha (bound), kona (angle or split) and asana (posture). English Name: Butterfly Pose Sanskrit Name: Baddha Konasana Step by Step Guide Preparation…Continue Reading →