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Finished tomahawk- chops and hammers well

Homemade Beef Rice-A-Roni - never use the boxed stuff again! This looked and tasted just like the real thing! I had to tell my husband that I made the rice from scratch - not a box. Rice, pasta, beef broth, beef bouillon, onion powder, Worcestershire, soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper and chopped carrots. Seriously delicious - tons of great beefy flavor! We make this all the time - SO much better than the box.

Chewy No Bake Granola Bars Allrecipes.com | I made these with 1 1/2 c each rolled oats and rice krispies, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, 3 TBS sesame seeds, butter, honey, vanilla, brown sugar, AND a smooshed banana (had to process the wet stuff to get it all mixed up with the banana). I may need to increase the dry ingredients a little, but made like this, it tastes like a chocolate covered banana coated with walnuts - DELICIOUS! (Has 134 calories per serving as I made it)

JULY 2016 UPDATE: I MADE THIS! IT WAS SO GOOD! I didn't blend the ingredients, I wanted it chunky. And I threw one slice of bacon in chopped up, into the crock pot in the beginning. I LOVE IT! ----Slow Cooker Summer Chowder Crockpot Recipe. I'm not into soups in general, but this one has all simple ingredients, not that many of 'em, and all stuff I like. I want to try this one! #celery #bacon #soup #sourcream #onion #potato #corn #crockpot #zucchini #tomatoes #carrots…

Stuff I make my husband Friday, November 22, 2013 Cornbread stuffing with caramelized onion & sage (low-carb, gluten free!) Back in August, I posted a recipe for low-carb cornbread made with pureed baby corn along with ground nuts and coconut flour. You can read more about it (and my rationale for giving the nod to baby corn) at the original post here. In short, baby corn is more cob than grain and mostly fiber, so it's a way of adding corn flavor without the nutritional pitfalls of…

coffee rubbed lamb chops - made it 12/11: amazing!!!! note: I halved the cayenne pepper and it was still quite spicy

Hey guys! Hope your Monday is going well! For breakfast at work this morning I had 2sp worth of plain ff Greek yogurt with berries and cinnamon. I had packed this salad to eat on the go but was happy that I ended up being able to enjoy it at home. Yesterday at the store I picked up this chopped salad mixed. It was called Power Salad mix. It's kale radish carrot and broccoli...prob some other stuff I'm missing haha I love super chopped salads so it was awesome! I added 1…

Crispy vegetable in schezwan sauce is a delicious snack and also a great party appetizers. The veggies are deep fried and tossed in with onion garlic ginger paste and schezwan sauce. Recipe by Prasanna. In association with Preethi Kitchen Appliances. #MothersdayContest. --> http://ift.tt/1UocyKb #Vegetarian #Recipes

Malteser tiffin. This is a no bake refrigerator slice - so easy peasey. Good with dried cranberries and chopped nuts. Why tiffin??

I DON'T LIKE COOKING. If I'm cooking it's something easy delish and makes me feel good. Once I connected which foods work to support my mood (i.e. not CRASH and become IRRITATED and LOW ENERGY and hungry again) I started to naturally crave them more. Last night I made these stuffed peppers. If you want to try them here ya go : Quinoa in chicken broth (rinse in fine mesh strainerboilsimmer on low 15 mins) Mix in a bowl with 1 can of black beans and Chopped tomatoes (you can also use salsa)…

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