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Messing up – life with D.I.D

Broken Mirror Portrait... ***This link is broken. But it looks like they printed out a photo in varied colors, then cut those up and glued pieces together, on a black background.

The Medicine Wheel is a tool that can be used to check in with yourself and receive insights to problems. The wheel represents the circle of life. The circle represents the circle of the earth and the metaphysical circle of all creation. It is important to keep all our aspects in balance- mind, body, emotions and spirit. Work with the medicine wheel to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses

Also a fun way to show white is actually made of all colors, we have been talking about this and how colors reflect what actually isn't there like if something is green it has all colors but green on it. Disappearing Color Wheel - Sick Science! #182 - YouTube

The Modern Taxonomy Wheel ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Connects to a BRILLIANT SITE. Loads of resources. INcluding apps for I-phones that can help students with hearing and sight impairements, graphic organisers classroom posters and teaching aids and links to really useful sites!

How can you Measure Student Engagement? Have you ever wondered if your students are engaged in their learning? I have often wondered this and wondered how I could measure it. So, some colleagues and I have come up with what is called the "ENGAGEMENT WHEEL." It is a way to reflect on an hour of your day that you have taught and try to give it an ENGAGEMENT score. The higher the score the more engaged your class was. The engagement wheel measures what your students are doing.