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How Will Modern Technology in School Change Learning – | Me, Myself, and Robot – The basic structure of school hasn’t changed in a long, long time. There are those who think the time is right for serious education reform, and much of the debate centers on whether or not technology belongs in the classroom. Modern technology in school is nothing new... #amazonecho #cortana #duolingo

Umm, hi. My name's Karou and I'm a senior at domino high school. ummm, I'm the "king" of the chess club and I'm usually alone with my few friends. It doesn't bother me to get left behind, usually I find it as a good time to think to myself. I am amazing at technology and robotics. I hope I can get to know you better as well...

Modern Architecture of Buildings in Sustainable Cities of the Future – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is a man looking for a bright future. In March 2008, he proposed an “ecopolis” called the Lilypad. The massive structure would float in the sea, providing sanctuary to an enormous self-sustaining ecosystem. It... #2050parissmartcity #lilypad #renewableenergy

The Future of Video Games: Streaming, Kinect, and More! – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Not all of us are gamers, but we don’t have to be involved in order to be intrigued. Some of the technology we’ll see in the future is being pulled directly from the video game industry, and while most of us are squarely focused on companies like Google and Apple, others might... #kinect #microsoft #nvidia

New Robotics Technology: Robots Are Finally Going Mainstream – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Flimsy predictions have been made about the future of robotics for decades, and almost all of them have been wrong. But new robotics technology IS emerging due to the convergence of several technologies we now see day-to-day, and it’s a near certainty that... #3dprinting #automatedvehicles #computing

Orion Launch Failure: Unmanned Test Experiences Technical Difficulties – | Me, Myself, and Robot – This morning was supposed to mark the quick and effortless launch of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, but strong winds and technical malfunctions–not to mention a random jerk in a boat–delayed the first three attempts at 7:05, 7:17, and 7:55 a.m. At 8:26 a.m... #nasa #orion #orionlaunch

Be Afraid: DARPA’s .50 Caliber EXACTO Bullet Has Tracking! – | Me, Myself, and Robot – And you thought the world was scary enough already. Well, tough luck. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known to conspiracy theorists as DARPA, has devised a .50 caliber death machine called the EXACTO bullet, and it can change direction mid-air to... #afghanistan #darpa #exacto

Keeping Moore’s Law Alive: How to Replace The Silicon Computer Chip – | Me, Myself, and Robot – According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on a computer chip will double about every two years. Most informed people know that researchers are quickly closing in on the physical limitations of the silicon computer chip. This leaves most of us... #carbonnanotube #graphene #moore'slaw