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The ninja were legendary Japanese warriors dressed in black who attacked in the middle of the night like cats. Here, everything is probably very far from reality and is derived from what has been written (and invented in part) centuries after the death of these characters. The true ninja, also called "shinobi" existed between the fifteenth and seventeenth century and played a very important role in the events of Japanese history.

Hinda Cohen’s shoe. While the adults of the Kovno ghetto were working in a labor camp, the children of the ghetto were rounded up and taken to Auschwitz without their knowledge. Only when they returned to the ghetto at the end of the day did they discover their children were gone. Hinda's parents found her shoe from where she had been taken and carved the date of the event on the bottom.

Robert Clark, photographer "When I look at all the pictures from the coverage of 9/11, I keep coming back to this one. I think that this is a very powerful image, it seems to tell the whole story of the people who had to run for their lives. It is a stripped down image of the event, I see pure emotion, fear, tragedy. #sadness

This is a fun activity that has students investigate different historical statements about the 13 colonies and determine their accuracy. For example, one of the events students investigate is "witch dunking" during the Salem witch hysteria of the late 1600s. Included in the download: 1. Detailed student worksheet 2. Powerpoint version of the instructions for the teacher to explain to the class.

The marriage of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons (Later the Queen Mother) to the Duke of York (Later King George VI) at Westminster Abbey in London, on 26th April, 1923. It was the first royal wedding at the Abbey since 1383. The newly formed British Broadcasting Company wanted to record and broadcast the event on radio, but the Abbey Chapter vetoed the idea.

Great infographic with even more interest now due to the the debut of "The Great Gatsby" movie

Great infographic with even more interest now due to the the debut of "The Great Gatsby" movie

"Hats Off to Our Teachers!" was the main theme of this Dr. Seuss-themed celebration. A few weeks prior to the event, a photographer-parent took Dr. Seuss photo booth-style photos of all of the school's faculty. Each teacher's photograph hung on

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