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Another design that only comes out this time of year... the Poinsettia guest soap! This particular one will be able to be found in my Holiday guest set soon and it's in a fragrance much beloved by HaldeCraft regulars... Frankincense & Myrrh! If you have smelled this you know how lovely it is... and if you haven't you should because it's almost indescribable. Meanwhile if you're a fan of the shape you can also find it in my Thanksgiving guest sets in either Cranberry or Fresh Baked Bread…

Perfect for a host or hostess gift a thank-you for a party over the holiday season or just to dress up your own house for either yourself or guests.... Nothing says November and holidays like these kind of fragrances! There are two different Thanksgiving-themed guest sets available and you can read more about them here ( Thanks y'all!

Don't forget HaldeCraft is out of the studio for the rest of the week - anything purchased from now through the end of the weekend will go out first thing on Monday the 14th. (And if I don't come back I've jumped off the boat in Pirates of the Caribbean and am spending the next four years pretending to be an animatronic Anne Bonny.) Thanks for understanding y'all!

Off the needles some new Sock Monkey socks for me me me! Sock Monkey is probably one of my favorite colorways one of my most popular colorways and one of my oldest colorways! It was a yarn club colorway from way back in the Hanks Yarn and Fiber days and it made the cut to come with me to HaldeCraft... and I haven't regretted it. In the ... I don't know seven? eight years? since I came up with it this is the third pair of socks I've knit for myself in it (I've worn out the first two pairs).

Psst! has had a little bit of a makeover -- going from gold to green and hopefully making things a little easier to navigate. The new look is live now and while hopefully everything is completely perfect if anything is wonky it's uh the fault of the Studio Cats. Ah-yup. That's my story.

Got the blues? We can help! Whether your knitting or crochet has you down or you just can't find the perfect gift for your yarn-loving friend HaldeCraft has something that can help. ;-)

... speaking of yellow... Golden Years on the squishtastic Tepper base. Awwwww yeahhhhh.

Fresh off the needles Tacit in my colorway None of Your Beeswax on the Lynn base. So SQUISHY!

Orlando and Orlando-area folks! Put Saturday December 17th on your calendar because I'll be at the Big Bang Bazaar in Sanford that day (me and about another 100 small crafters artists and makers). Will I see you then?