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from The Longboard Store

Arbor Prebuilt 46" Timeless Artist Collection Longboard Complete

Arbor 46" Timeless Pin Bamboo Longboard Complete. this is exactly waht i asked for for x-mas!

The Arbor Axis Koa Longboard Skateboard Complete - 2014 The Arbor Axis Koa is one of Arbor's longest standing cruiser boards out there and that’s for a reason. It's a simple drop through design with extremely mild concave. What this does is that it makes the Arbor Axis Koa a very forgiving ride for long cruises along the road with your friends. The effective foot platform is perfectly sized for both dancing and cross-stepping around to not only make your cruise fun but exciting as well.

This design is visually interesting because it is created with the use of all circles and curved lines. Also I like how the main curved line connects the top to the bottom of the board.

from The Longboard Store

Loaded 39" Tan Tien Flex 3 Drop Through Longboard Complete

Loaded 39" Tan Tien Longboard Complete, Flex 3 Love this and if I knew how to skate I would totally get this

Riviera Dubes Special Pro Model Longboard Skateboard Complete The Riviera Dubes Special is another one of Brent Dubendorff's pro model boards with Riviera. This comes in the oh-so-awesome WROCKER mold. This calls for a smooth and comfortable rocker concave that locks you in, but also features a W concave that supports your feet throughout the turns.