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In a deal with Marvel Perrie gets to voice Emma Frost in the new XMen movies. Zayn voices her love interest Wolverine.

Wonder Woman is definitely the fearless leader, but she totally still struggles with high school and normal teen stuff! Regram now using #DCSuperHeroGirlsSweeps for your chance to win EXCLUSIVE prizes. #WonderWoman (Follow us & click the link in our bio for official rules)

Avengers L'Ere d'Ultron figurine Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Ultron Prime Hot Toys

Some people like the enemies for reasons like: HE'S HOT! or I LIKE HIS SCARF! I like Ultron because of his sense of humor, and his conviction that he is right and that the Avengers are dead wrong. HE makes this movie funny.

The Evolution of Captain America's Uniform

Captain America’s transition from comic to screen uniquely parallels Steve Rogers’ own journey to becoming the “greatest soldier in history.” True to the character’s debut in 1941, Rogers’ story begins during World War II. Despite his small stature that deemed him unfit for military service, he possessed qualities beyond the physical. His bravery and compassion qualified him as the first and most successful recipient of Abraham Erskine's completed Super Soldier Serum, which granted…